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Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle form of manual body therapy that is based on the principles of osteopathy and physiotherapy and incorporates energy concepts from Eastern medical systems. The term Ortho-Bionomy comes from the Greek (“orthos” = correct, “bio” = life, “nomos” = law) and can be freely translated as “follow the rules of life”.

Osteopathy is a healing method that uses special hand movements to improve the functionality and mobility of the skeleton and skeletal muscles and stimulate the body's self-healing powers.




Ortho-Bionomy goes back to the Canadian osteopath and judo teacher Arthur Lincoln Pauls (1929-1997). During his training as an osteopath, Pauls got to know the work of the American osteopath Lawrence Jones (1912-1996). Jones had found that by carefully reinforcing certain joint and body positions, a spontaneous relaxation of cramped muscles could be achieved. Based on these pain-relieving positioning techniques, Pauls developed his own treatment method, which he first introduced in 1976 under the name "Phased Reflex Techniques". In 1978 he founded the "Society of Ortho-Bionomy International" in the USA. At the beginning of the 1980s, the first courses in Ortho-Bionomy took place in Switzerland and France, where Pauls spent the last years of his life. Today the method is mainly used in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Australia and New Zealand.




According to Ortho-Bionomy, every person has self-correcting mechanisms with the help of which both physical and psychological problems can be overcome: If a movement is painful, the body does not carry it out, but looks for other possibilities of movement. The aim of Ortho-Bionomy is to stimulate this natural self-correction through various manual treatment techniques. To achieve this goal, the therapist brings the patient's body into defined, relaxing positions and accompanies or intensifies the movements of muscles and tissues. This enables the body to recognize and let go of muscular tension, restricted movement of the joints and poor posture. Regulation is therefore carried out by the body itself. This happens through the activated self-healing powers of the body.


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what i do


I will create a space in which you / your body can find peace to activate self-healing


a room in which


the soul trusts

the body relaxes

let go of the muscles


I only move you as far as it does not stress you, pain-free, and you let yourself move.


When we put the body in a relaxed and safe position, it heals itself.


That's working.



The main task is 


To move into and hold yourself in this relaxed position


To accompany you in your own movement impulses.



This work is a very gentle and very effective one.