I want a world in which everyone is seen with their potential and everyone is a winner.


 I believe that every person is a very special gift for the world.


I want to remind everyone that they are a gift.


Let us begin to see each individual as this gift.


Let's start to appreciate each one for their uniqueness.





a world of competition and comparison does not make us happy.


It leads to permanent pressure to perform, which isolates us, makes us physically and mentally ill and thus prevents happiness.



When we understand that every person is far too complex to be pigeon-holed, we begin to see and perceive how rich our life and that of others is. Our life becomes livelier and more exciting.


Everyone deserves respect and recognition.


Every minute we are happy makes the world happier;


every minute we support someone makes the world happier.



Real love begins with self-love ----


every gift to the world is a gift to you


because you are the world