Bodywork in Zanzibar


    I am a healing-practitioner with a holistic approach.


with my work i want to

- relax your body

- rebalance your system

- dissolve pain 

- order your mind



i offer you the following forms of therapie 


Ortho-Bionomy ® / Osteopathie

Ortho-Bionomy ®  is a method , which grew out of  Ostheopathie.

It is is a kind of manual therapie.


The founder of the ortho-bionomy®, Arthur Pauls, studied osteopathie.

During his practice, he noticed that there are situations, in which the body seems to be completely trapped and stuck. So one time Arthur Pauls held the neck of a person who could not be manipulated at all and so he waited ... and suddenly the person began to make the smallest movements of his own accord.

As a very curious man he began to explore this new way of freeing the body and he found more and more laws . 

This was the beginning of Ortho-Bionomy®.  


With his knowledge about Osteopathie, his profound knowing about energetic understanding of eastern healing methods and his unbelievable curiousity, he developed this new way of bodywork.


Some call it the homöopathic way of osteopatie 


This work is soft and painless, on the other side impressive intensive and healing.


Foot refexologie massage

Foot reflexologie massage offers  the  great opportunity to get in contact with the whole body and, if necessary to calm it down or to activate different parts of the body.


A head massage can calm you down and bring you into your body. the feeling of being held and carried is a wonderfull way to relax. Of course, it is also a way to get rid of neckpain and headache. 


As one of the oldest forms of body therapie, you may know, what it is about.

My massage is pretty soft, intense,  but without pain.

I always go for relaxing your body, bring you in smooth position, and let your body feel safe.

My philososophie is to get your body rid of any stress position, so that he is able to calm down.


one sees clearly with the heart

the essential is invisible for the eyes            Antoine de Saint-Exupery

my  Practice-room :


Heilpraktiker Jörg Scholz

Practitioner Ortho-Bionomy


The JPearl-Villas

or in Paje


tel +255 746 877 256

in Jambiani

in Paje